Utilising Ovato’s exclusive geo targeting data (we have 1.5 million households GPS mapped),
we are now able to utilise these smarts to create innovative campaigns for you or your client. 

Use our technology to power up your campaigns cross platform.




  • Ovato distributes Client X catalogue to homes via its delivery network in Onehunga and Mount Wellington.
  • Ovato retargets those homes a day after or whenever it suits with a Client X digital ad that runs- in app and on websites. This could be a unique offer or a ‘Look out for our mailer for more specials’ message.
  • Ovato can also monitor and measure those who have been delivered a catalogue and served a digital ad and later went to a Client X store (footfall analysis)*.
  • Client X pays one CPM cost for the catalogue distribution and digital reinforcement campaign.

  •   The only requirement is that we need at least 700,000 impressions delivered to provide a robust report.


Where do my ads run?

  • Ovato Audience Surround has access to ANY app that serves ads through iTunes and Play Store (more than 1 million of them).
  • Apps provide accurate information which Ovato can use to build profiles and behaviours as well as location details.
  • Likewise, we has access to more than 2 million websites (including mobile sites).
  • Ovato Audience Surround also has access to all leading local apps and sites including Stuff, NZ Herald, Trade Me, Met Service, Newshub, and more.
  • Ovato Audience Surround has cross screen capabilities that will enable targeting of people who have been seen at a specific address that received a mailer or catalogue via both mobile and desktop.
  • Ovato Audience Surround, exclusively powered by 36 Presents. 





Mapping - incredible insights into your market

Our sophisticated mapping function gives you a visual representation of your letterbox distribution. As well as showing exactly where your target audience lies geographically, specialised maps can be provided at suburb, postcode, district or regional level and broken down by income band or other segment types.


What we can do for you...

Map Types:

  • Drive time analysis (time from the household to your store location)
  • ‘Heat maps’ showing by colour where your customers are most likely to live
  • Geo-coding and profiling of small customer databases
  • Store catchment area and customer plotting
  • Information for door-knocking campaigns.
  • Psychographic and Demographic profiling of customers

Ovato tailor-make media campaigns:

  • Washed distribution (to exclude specified addresses)
  • Unaddressed mass distribution
  • Addressed distribution
  • Sampling distribution

Get closer with Helix Personas

Finding people who are ready, willing and able to buy is the key.

Ovato have partnered with Roy Morgan Research — Australasia’s leading market research company — to add more marketing smarts to target marketing with Helix Persona.

Helix Personas is a fresh new psychographic market segmentation and targeting tool that uses monthly consumer interviews and electronic sales data to sort households into one of 51 Personas. 
The Personas are then overlaid on the latest Census data.

Rather than creating groups of people who were simply born in the same decade and live near to one another, Helix Personas groups people with similar buying attitudes and shopping habits.

Quite simply, by connecting brands with people who are ready, willing and able to buy,
Ovato generates a bigger and better bang for your marketing buck.

The more you know the better!


  • Demographics
  • Lifestyle
  • Attitudes
  • Purchasing preferences
  • Market potential


  • How old they are
  • What they buy
  • Where they shop
  • Their life-stage


  • Market penetration
  • Where to direct marketing
  • Catchment analysis


  • Seasonal factors
  • Environmental influences
  • Lifestyle changes


  • Drive time, Heat
  • Store catchment
  • Customer plots
  • Demographic profile

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