Ovato Residential Distribution provides more flexibility for your catalogue delivery. Our stronger network is built on catalogue and community newspaper distribution, the choice is yours...






 As New Zealand's largest and leading company in the field, we have many decades of proven experience in high volume distribution and we pride ourselves on providing a high quality integrated distribution solution on every job.

Residential Distribution Services

These days, printed content is a sophisticated 21st century media channel - and with Ovato, you can hit anybody and everybody. Wherever the consumer you want to talk to is, we can find them and deliver your catalogue or mailer to their door. 

Then, when it comes to the physical operation out in the field, we have the best network of people who really do provide 'local intelligence' - managing local zones to provide the highest level of compliance, responsiveness and detailed area knowledge. 

We bring four key management tools to your job to ensure compliance and accuracy: 

  • Auditor A GPS linked, smart phone based, visual auditing tool offering live confirmation of actual delivery
  • Checkmate an on-line workflow and query management tool open to clients for the tracking and monitoring of delivery queries 
  • Delivery Run Confirmation A multi-device app allowing live run status updates direct from deliverers 
  • Streetlink A multi-device communication portal linking client services and field supervisors to manage all jobs and workflow efficiency. 

Getting the finished product to the target market may be the last step in the process, but it can be where less resourced operators come unstuck. At Ovato, we organise and execute your distribution strategy with precision, ensuring that you are not left to pick up the pieces. 

As New Zealand's largest and leading company in the field, we have many decades of proven experience in high volume distribution and we pride ourselves on providing a high quality, integrated distribution solution on every job. 

Every year we distribute over 600 million catalogues and marketing material to 1.4 million letterboxes, in addition to over 80 million Community Newspapers. 


Audience Targeting

At the core of each client's distribution campaign are our analytical capabilities consisting of
demographic census based data and Roy Morgan's Helix Personas profiling tool.
For more information visit our "Target" page


Highly Capable Delivery Network

Your work has an individual focus throughout each step of our national delivery network, ensuring your product gets to the right place at the right time and in the right quantities. 

The Ovato network is based on the philosophy of "local people managing local areas".  Our 180 plus nation-wide supervisors each have their own areas and between them are responsible for 5,500 deliverers. They manage stock control and have constant face to face contact with the deliverers so they know what is going on day by day.

Our area supervisors conduct weekly delivery audits and monitor
our delivery completion status directly with their delivery teams. 

Supported By

Our area supervisors and deliverers are very well supported with dedicated technology, a national management and warehouse structure in addition to well established systems and procedures to ensure a standard approach to achieve delivery consistency and sustainability of the delivery network team. 

Ovato has management structure dedicated to our letterbox delivery network as well as warehouse teams in both the North and South islands. We aim to ensure your product is in the right place at the right time, we have a well established national freight network and depot infrastructure. Our mapping, data and consumer analytics and client services team are dedicated to ensuring your distribution work is given the utmost priority to achieve your objectives. 

Auditing and Reporting

Ovato's state of the art information systems and technology provides speed, reliability and visibility of all stages of your job and most of all are designed to provide information and accountability. 

Ovato's technology used in distribution includes up to date web-based and mobile systems allowing real time communication of all your job details throughout the network and prompt feedback of any queries. Our area supervisors and field team managers use a sophisticated delivery auditing tool that provides a real time, GPS linked check of actual delivery completion. Alongside our GPS auditing, our internet based "delivery status" reporting provides the highest level of delivery accountability in the country for "unaddressed" letterbox delivery. 


Our primary focus is to ensure that you have complete confidence that you
have reached your customers, on time and in full. 


With our ability to reach over 95% of householders in New Zealand, and our local supervisors approach, supported by technology that continues to develop, we believe we have the strongest delivery network in the country.  Ovato has the capability to deliver more than 750 million items each year - pamphlets and community papers. The flexibility of our network allows us to easily increase the scale of deliveries to accommodate seasonal peaks,
one-off distributions, and any new business - small or large.


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